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Representing a wide scope of disciplines and genres; including but not limited to; painting, sculpture, music, dance, documentary film, performance art, literature, and visual media, CopperGallery fosters creativity, individual growth and advances global understanding, tolerance and cultural diversity. Ongoing exhibits are curated at the CopperGallery. Annual delegations are organized to foreign countries and are underwritten by our sponsors, members, and benefactors.



Many of our exchanges are between the Caribbean and our home base in North Miami. The Caribbean is a rich tapestry woven from threads of African, European, and native influences. Artistic expression in the region dates back to an era before time. Since the mid 20th century the Caribbean has experienced an explosion of creative output that is exemplary of world class artistic expression. Until now government regulations and fiscal restraints have prevented many or our associated artists the freedom to exhibit their work outside their borders.


CopperGallery provides free passage through the organization of exhibitions, competitions, workshops and artists’ seminars. Not only can the ‘art’ travel, but the ‘artists’ as well.

By building a cultural “bridge”, art acts as a conduit uniting people of different backgrounds, religions and beliefs in a myriad of ways.







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