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Miami, FL, June 2, 2011 - “Sounds Like Art” is an online exhibit conceived and curated by Geo Darder. The exhibit features the work of world-renowned Cuban Artist, Jose Fuster. Often referred to as “the Picasso of the Caribbean”, Fuster is known for his whimsical, rather than conceptual approach to art. In this body of work he has transformed discarded LP record albums into mosaics of collectible pieces.

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Small in format, these paintings on vinyl records highlight the tropical beauty of his beloved Caribbean. Bright colors, island themes and that special “Fuster touch” (oftentimes compared to Gaudi) make them fun and vibrant. Priced in the affordable range of $350-$500, this is a great opportunity for the novice to begin his collection.

The opening of the online exhibit begins with a private reception, June 16th 2011.


A Power Point presentation will be accompanied by commentary by Alex Fuster, son of the artist. Work can be purchased the evening of event or online at Proceeds of the purchases to benefit Copperbridge Foundation, Coolidge Corner Theater.

Coolidge Corner Theatre


Darder, known for his unusual concepts and eclectic approach, has arranged for “SOUND” to be provided. The music selection is designed to evoke the feeling of the Cuban paintings.

Immediately following reception a short documentary will be shown of Fuster’s community project and a concert by famous Cuban musician Carlos Varela at THE COOLIDGE THEATER. Concert tickets are available at

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“For the past two years I have immersed myself in applying the tonal scale of music to my paint-ing. The question of sound to color means almost everything to me."

"Meaning, that if it is possible to make a painting “sound”, I must try!  I have also started applying precious metals to my ceramic work, mostly gold, but I also work with platinum and talium” said Cuban artist

Adrian Pellegrini in May 2010.




Uneven and various, the pieces of eight works by the eight Cuban artists exhibited for the first time in North Miami at the CopperGallery offers a rare opportunity to see a kind of grass roots exploration of various interpretations of form and content from both the hidden jewel and forbidden Pa-radise otherwise known as Cuba.

Except for a few instances, the works are apolitical explorations of personal sensibilities and imagination.




Vladimir Leon Sagols

Vladimir Leon Sagols

This is one of an ad hoc group of artists.


Niel Reyes

Neil Reyes

Niel Reyes is described as attracting the interest of the public in the Western part of the island.

"In painting you must undertake the challenge, you must face the painting without fear, as in a fight. And we must try by all means to win", said Niel Reyes.


Oreses Pequeno

Oreses Pequeno


Vladirmir León Llaguno

Vladirmir León Llaguno

Vladirmir Leon Llaguno is among many next generation artists who exhibit in a kind of breezy, free-wheeling trajectory where a collection of his works have been amassed by Birmingham native Stephen Humphreys.

Vladimir de Leon Llaguno works in several styles. He explores mathematical arrangements of blocks that are reminiscent of the surreal M.C. Escher's optical explorations. Vladimir Llaguno adds isolated silhouette figures sitting and standing on various blocks.

We see a crime scene in the woods with a blood-spattered, brutally raped woman lying in a taped-off area surrounded by police. The repeated image of a man's head populates the tree foliage.

Osvaldo Para Geo Pequeno

Osvaldo Para Geo Pequeno


Gustavo Cesar Echeverria

Gustavo Cesar Echeverria

Better known as ‘Cuty’ Gustavo Cesar Echeverria is of Cuban Descent.  Echeverria has earned a distinguished degree in Art History at the Faculdad de Artes y Letras at the Universidad de Habana.


Michel Perez

Michel Pérez (Pollo)

Michel Pérez (Pollo) was selected as one of the four finalists competing Pintura Pensada 2010 competition, evidence of what happens as artistic discipline is allowed to flourish in an isolated milieu. 


Noel Morerra

Noel Morerra






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